Sunday, April 26, 2009


On Thursday, we went to the hospital in Jinotepe, where we prayed for people who were sick. We asked the Lord where we should go and he lead us to a lady who had a kidney stone. She didn't know how long she would have to be in the hospital, but it didn't look like she'd be out anytime soon and she didn't look very healthy at all. It turned out that her husband was a pastor at a church in Jinotepe! We were able to pray for healing for her. After we prayed for her, we went into a different room with roughly 10 other people laying on cots with various different health issues. We were able to pray for nearly everyone in the room!
On Friday afternoon, we decided to go back to the same hospital to check up on the people and pray for them once again. Right when we walked into the hospital, we saw the first lady we talked to on Thursday who had kidney stones. She was leaving the hospital because she was completely better!! She definitely had the joy of the Lord in her and was so happy because she was healed! Praise the Lord!!! Yesterday, we had a day off, which was spent at La Boquita (A beach 30 minutes from Diriamba). It was nice to relax and play in the warm pacific ocean! On Saturday evening, we went to a lady's house in the Barrio to have dinner...The most amazing dinner I've had in Nicaragua! Tomorrow is our last day here at the YWAM Base. On Tuesday, we're off to Ticuantepe where we'll spend the next 3 weeks of outreach. On Tuesday evening, Brandon, Kirsten & Cat (YWAM Pismo Beach Staff), are flying into Managua to join us for two weeks! Pray for safe travels for us to Ticuantepe and Brandon, Kirsten & Cat's flights.
Thank you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4.22.09-Nicaragua isn't cold by any means!

Hey friends,
It's almost my bedtime (It's 7:38) here so I'm going to keep it short...The heat wears you out.
This afternoon, we went around the barrio and passed out the last of the 100 lbs. of beans we bought for the families. We gave 5 different families 20 lbs. of beans which should last up to two weeks if used everyday. It was really fun to check up on the families we've been praying for and to be able to pray for them once again. You can definitely see the Lord working in these peoples hearts!!
We only have 5 full days left here at the YWAM Base in Diriamba. The next stop is Ticuantepe, which is a little larger city. We'll be working with street kids, at an orphanage which takes in young teens who sniff glue to cure their starvation and we'll also be going to the largest garbage dumb in the western hemisphere where people live off the garbage.
Well, it's about that time...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

4.19.09-More beans and rice....

Hey friends,
Last night (Saturday), we had the opportunity to share our testimonies at a church in Diriamba. It's fun to see Andrew & Lisa getting more and more confident in public speaking and sharing the gospel.
We'll be going up to Managua in the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday & Friday this week to do evangelism at a university, partnering with Campus Crusade for Christ. In the mornings, we're going to be working with the elementary school the YWAM base runs. We were also able to buy 100 lbs. of beans to hand out to different families around the barrio to bless them so we'll be doing that on Tuesday & Thursday.
Sorry I haven't gotten any pictures posted on here yet. I haven't had a chance to upload them to my computer...Hoping to put some on later today.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey all,
I just finished building a base for a water tank on the YWAM base. Whew! It's hard work when it's 95 degrees!
Yesterday morning and this morning, we went to a school on the other side of Diriamba to visit and share the gospel. Yesterday, we gave them a necklace & beads with a Bible verse on them and explained about the cross and explained what the Lord had been doing in our life(s). Today when we went, we shared the gospel and were able to lead nearly 15 kids to the Lord, which was amazing to see. Keep praying for the kids for Godly influences in their lives. Tomorrow morning, we're going again and making bracelets with them with different colors, which represent different characteristics of God. It's really cool to see the Lord working in these young children. It surprised me that it was so open to share the gospel in even public schools-Praise the Lord!
Yesterday and today in the afternoon, we went around the Barrio and prayed for different families with sicknesses or very difficult times. Most of the houses are made of different scraps of bamboo, aluminum and anything else they can find. Most of the house floors are just dirt. During rainy season (May-October), the house is extremely muddy which makes the kids sick very often.
One lady we prayed for yesterday was 72 years old (She thinks) and the right side of her body couldn't really move so we're guessing she suffered a stroke. She was a very, very sweet lady and it was amazing to be able to pray for her and her family. Another mother we prayed for today lost her husband. He was shot while trying to steal from a store. Her three kids go to the school that the YWAM base runs.
Tomorrow, we'll be going back to the barrio to pray for families again and we're also hoping to buy rice & beans at the market to give to different families around the barrio.
Be praying for breakthrough in the barrio. There is extreme poverty in the barrio, thiefs, prostitutes, a lot of abuse in the homes & also a lot of alcoholism. Be praying that we can be a light amongst all the darkness and that we can be the hands & feet of Jesus Christ.
Thank you all for your prayers. They DO help!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hola chavalos!
Esta semana ha sido bien tuanis! This week has been really cool thus far.
On Saturday evening, Andrew & Lisa spoke at a church. They shared their testimonies and it went really well! On Easter Sunday, we had a service here at the YWAM base in Diriamba. It was really fun to experience Easter in a different culture. This (Monday) morning, we worked in the school that YWAM runs, which was really fun to be able to work with the kiddo's!! In the afternoon, we went to a university in Managua, Nicaragua, which is the capital city. We partnered with Campus Crusade for Christ and did evangelism around the campus.
Here are some prayer requests from our team: healing of sickness (colds that Lisa & Andrew have), that we can learn Spanish quickly & wisdom.
That's all for now. Thank you all.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Como estas?! Today started off with a nice n' refreshing bucket shower! Mid-day, we went to a hospital to visit a young man that lives in the barrio (neighborhood) who broke his leg in 2 spots. He was extremely excited to see Don (The base founder here at YWAM Nicaragua) and us. He nearly jumped out of bed with his huge cast on. The doctor cleared him to go so we took him home to the barrio. He had been in the hospital for roughly one week. The hospitals in Nicaragua aren't too quick. One man had been in there for 8 days with a compound fracture (bone sticking out of his ankle) and hadn't been operated on. Very painful, very sad.
After lunch, we prayer walked around the barrio, to the market and downtown. By the time we arrived back at the base, it was time for the children's ministry they have every Friday at 3:30. Tons of kids from the barrio come to watch a drama we preform. After the drama, we split the kids into different groups and we discussed the drama. After the discussions, we provided them snacks and then all played games!
Towards dinner time, all the kids from the barrio came to the base and wanted myself and a couple other guys from the base to join them in a baseball game. It was fun to feel like a kid again with them! :) We were able to pray with all the kids before and after we played the game. Another game is scheduled for tomorrow! :)
Well, my bedtime is pretty early over here. It's 7:15 right now, so I better get on my way to sleep. I hope you all are doing well.
Take care,
-Tyler Dean

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009-First complete day in Diriamba, Nicaragua

Hey friends!
We arrived last night around 10:00 to YWAM Nicaragua. It's located in a smaller town, south of the capital city, Managua, called Diriamba-Between 15,000-20,000 people. The base here is beautiful. There are two schools going on right now. One DTS with 15 students and another School of the Bible, which has 5 students. There are 28 people on staff as well.
We're excited to start diving into ministry here! This afternoon, we'll be walking around the barrio (neighborhood) outside of the base, which is the poorest barrio in Diriamba and also heading into the city of Diriamba to get to know the city.
I want to thank you all for your prayers & support. We really appreciate it!

-Tyler Dean