Sunday, May 31, 2009

The last day of May...The 31st!

Hey friends & family,

How are you? I'm sorry I haven't written too much lately. We've been pretty busy. We're doing well here in Nicaragua. We are in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. It's in the southern part of Nicaragua on the Pacific Coastline. We are staying here until June 5th, then we head up to Diriamba to the YWAM Base then fly out very early Saturday morning back to Los Angeles.
While we've been here in San Juan Del Sur, we've been doing a lot of worship and intercession, reading the Bible as a team (We have been reading through the New Testament and finished it today!), and prayer walking throughout the town and the neighborhoods. We haven't had a translator here in San Juan Del Sur (SJDS) yet, BUT, God provided a lady who is willing to translate for us. We prayed and asked God to send us a translator and He did!! Praise the Lord! Tomorrow & Tuesday, we'll be going around with the lady to different barrio's (neighborhoods) in SJDS to tell them about Jesus, pray for them and hopefully be a blessing to them! We're very excited to see the Lord at work these last few days of outreach.

Here are a couple prayer requests:
-For our team to be able to finish outreach strong!
-To be bold in our faith!
-More and more team unity.
-Divine appointments
-Safe travels back to California

Thank you all so much for all of your prayers. We really appreciate it!
God bless,
-Tyler Dean

Monday, May 18, 2009


So the power went off as I was almost finished typing this...It´s always fun when it does that (quite often). Let´s start over....
This past week, we´ve gone to a city named Masaya (20 minutes from Ticuantepe) quite a bit. We´ve been working with a organization called Youth With Hope. They work with the street kids who sniff glue to get their highs to cure their starvation. They give the street kids an opportunity to live at the house where they can have food, a bed and people who love them. There are currently 8 kids who live in the house and 14 still out on the streets. Their ages range from 10 years old to 18 years old with a couple in their mid to upper 20´s.
This afternoon, we hung out with 3 of the glue boys. We were able to go to the abandon building where they sleep at night and pray in their with them. Two of them also took us to their families houses and wanted us to meet their families and pray with them. It was really cool to get to know them more and to see God working in each and everyone of their lives.
This morning, we went around and talked to different people, asking them if they knew the Lord, if they needed prayer, etc. It was amazing...We talked to quite a few people and could definitely tell the Lord was guiding us to the exact people He wanted us to speak with. We were able to talk to this one man for nearly 30 minutes and prayed for him multiple times. While we were talking to him, there was a man standing behind him the whole time waiting for us to finish so he could talk to us. When we talked to him, he told us we needed to go to his house to pray for his wife who has breast cancer, so we did. She has been sick for quite a while and has had Chemotherepy once. She´s missed her other chemo appointments because they can´t afford it. It was very good to talk and pray with her. She was an encouragement to all of us!
Earlier this week, we´ve been working here in Ticuantepe, doing evangelism. We´ve been passing out Bibles to families here, giving clothes to the kids, playing with the kids and sharing the gospel with them. God has definitely blessed our time here in Tiuantepe and we can see Him working with the people here!
At 6:00 AM on Wednesday morning, we´re hopping on a bus down south to San Juan Del Sur area...a town in the south part of Nicaragua. we´ll be there the last couple weeks of outreach.
Thank you all so much for your prayers. Here are a couple prayer requests:
-Team health
-Safety with traveling
-God to guide our last couple weeks here in Nicaragua
-Tyler Dean

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello friends!
Sorry it’s taken quite a while to write…There is no internet where we’re staying, so I have to find internet cafĂ©’s. We’ve been keeping busy here in Ticuantepe! Brandon, Kirsten & Cat (YWAM Pismo Staff) are here until Saturday, May, 9. It’s a blessing to have them here and having them work with us.
Since arriving here in Ticuantepe on the 28th of April, we’ve been doing a lot of evangelism. Everyone has been very open to speak with us, which is really nice. We’ve been able to pray for various different families. On Friday, we went out to talk and pray with families, but it’s hard when we cannot speak Spanish. So Brandon & Andrew felt like God was telling them to pray for a translator…so they prayed for roughly 30 minutes, while asking different people on the street. A lady came up to them who they had talked to about 20 minutes before and she told them to follow her. The lady led them to a young lady named Valeska, who spoke excellent English, who is a Christian and was willing to translate. So she came with us and we were able to talk with families a lot more effectively and pray for people as well! Friday evening, we took Valeska to dinner with our group and she said she is willing to translate whenever we need her since she only goes to high school on Wednesday afternoons! What a blessing! She’s been helping us translate everyday now.
This afternoon, Lisa, Valeska, Cat & myself were walking around, looking for people to talk to. We ran into this older lady (Named Santos) who was starving and asking for food. After exchanging names with her, we took her to a restaurant we usually eat lunch at. We were able to share with Santos what God is doing in our lives and also how much God loves her and how He wants to be her friend! After lunch and talking, we asked her if she had any prayer requests. She said she wanted her brother (Who lives with her) to stop being an alcoholic and to stop being abusive to her and her kids. She also told us her neck was very sore. After we prayed for her, she was teary eyed and was in semi shock and she said that God completely healed her neck and she no longer has any pain in her neck! Praise the Lord!
Tomorrow, I’m going to Diriamba, to the YWAM Base to pick up Bibles so we can give them to different families around Ticuantepe. The YWAM Base has a goal to put a Bible in every home in Nicaragua. They’ve completed Diriamba and areas around Diriamba. Santos, the lady we talked to this afternoon, lives in Jinotepe, which is only 5 minutes from Diriamba. I’m going to stop by her house and give her a Bible and meet her family and pray with everyone again. It’s so exciting to see the Lord at work!
On Wednesday, we’ll be going to Managua to the Immigration Center to get our passports stamped for 30 more days. Please pray for favor for us as I’m not positive of how difficult this is.
During the day on Thursday, we’ll be going up to the northwest side of Managua to the largest garbage dump in the Western Hemisphere called, “La Chureca”, where we’ll be working with a school inside of the dump. People live off of the trash and make homes out of the garbage. On Thursday night, we’ve been invited to speak at a church that we went to last Sunday. Pray the Lord speaks through us and that we can make an impact on peoples’ lives. We’ll also be going to La Chureca again on Friday.
I hope this gets you up to date on what is going on with our team here in Nicaragua! Thank you so much for all of your prayers. We definitely need them and definitely feel the prayers being answered! Thank you!
God bless,